Brigitte is awesome! I would recommend Brigitte's self rescue and swim lessons for every child. Honestly, it can be difficult to watch at first, but it is well worth it and the children catch on so quickly. We started our 19 month old at 12 months and she can now self rescue herself and swim. Brigitte had her self rescuing herself after only 5-6 weeks of classes! She loves the pool and I am beyond grateful for Brigitte's classes

Alexa Burns
We took our son, Lucas, to Brigitte Strickland. Lucas is autisic and was not quite 3 when he completed his lesson.

Fences around pools, by the canal wall and safety locks on doors and windows are great. And we have all of our bases covered because Lucas is an escape artist with a love for water and no fear of it either. So we wanted to give him an extra measure of safety by taking him to Brigitt...e. 

Lucas got so much more out of this than we ever imagined. The water is very therapeutic for him and many of the techniques Brigitte used, actually ended up helping Lucas with his severe sensory issues. He likes playing in our pool but his absolute favorite thing is floating on his back and not just for 5 minutes, he'll float for hours, if you let him. 

Bottom line is, this is a great supplemental tool to every day pool/water safety. The cost and time spent is more than worth it knowing you have given your child everything necessary to survive should they find themselves in the water unsupervised.

For those with special needs children, Brigitte is extremely caring, compassionate and patient with our kids. Something that we aren't always able to find. 


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Can I give six stars? Brigette is amazing! These aren't fluff take your money classes you have to keep coming back to month after month year after year with no results! THIS is the class you've been looking for! Get your child swimming THIS summer! and have peace of mind knowing they have a fighting chance should they find themselves in trouble. Brigette is patient and persistent. Money WELL spent!

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